Infinity Luck Bracelet
Infinity Luck Bracelet
Infinity Luck Bracelet

Infinity Luck Bracelet

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Infinity lucky bracelet

14k gold plated jewelry findings

Size 7mm beads 

Free size with adjustable links 

Created with Blue moonstone and Aquamarine crystals.

蓝月光 Blue Moonstone
This stone is a very sensual, feminine, and nourishing stone that has the ability bring you luckwholeness and aids in slimming!
It has high energy rays of blue colors and is always shimmering in powerful white energy, making it a very protective stone.


Aquamarine Crystal Gemstone


Aquamarine is the birthstone for people born in March.

Aquamarine is its ability to shield your aura and protect you from negative vibrations.

It allows you to tune into your own emotions and to balance any excesses or mood swings. Aquamarine is also a very useful stone for cleansing and aligning your chakras. 

*Do not shower with bracelet. Avoid contact with perfume or alcohol. Wipe clean and placed in zip pouch provided and store in cool dry place. 

Infinity Luck Bracelet