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What are the Different Meanings Between Left Hand and Right Hand?

In mystical lore, the right hand and the left hand have different meanings. The left hand is the receiving hand that absorb positive energy into body, while the right hand is the giving hand that release negative energy outside the body. Deciding which hand to wear your crystal bracelet depends on what you do you want bring from the crystal.

Common Crystals suitable for left hand (if you are looking for love, wealth, calm emotion, positive energies) :

Moonstone, Rose quartz, Amethyst, Labradorite, Pink Tourmaline, Red Carnelian, Aquamarine, Amazonite, Sugilite, Blue lace agate, Malachite, Pearl, Morganite, Black obsidian, etc.

Common Crystals suitable for right hand ( if you want to release negative energies) :  

Black onyx, Black obsidian, Black tourmaline, Black Rutilated Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis lazuli, Clear Quartz, tigers eye, lava stone, etc. 

Some crystals can be worn on both left wrist and right wrist, it depends on what you do want bring from the crystal. Therefore, spend time to realise the meanings and healing properties of each crystal, then to decide which hand to wear the crystal bracelet based on your need. Drop us a message when in doubt, we are here to help.

*Do not shower with bracelet. Avoid contact with perfume or alcohol. Wipe clean and placed in zip pouch provided and store in cool dry place.