All About DrJosworkshop

DrJosworkshop Retail & Workshop


Welcome to DrJosworkshop! We are a retail boutique and workshop space in one concept store. Specialising in artisan creations, we are delighted to bring you a galore of beautifully handcrafted products that is sure to brighten your day! Due to COVID, we are unable to open our physical store (Malaysia, Johor, Eco Botanic) at the moment, but you can still find us on social media platforms, Instagram (@drjosworkshop) and Facebook page (@drjosworkshop). For now, you can shop on our online store at the comfort and safety of your own home. Alternatively, do send us a message on these social media platforms to know more about our products. Hope to see you soon! Please stay safe and happy!

欢迎来到DrJosworkshop!我们是一间售卖手工精品和提供手作工作室的概念店。我们专注于工匠创作,为大家带来玲琅满目的精美创意作品。由于疫情的关系,我们的实体店 (马来西亚,柔佛,Eco Botanic)暂时无法营业,但您仍然可以轻松的在这里购买到我们的商品。如有问题您也可以在社交媒体平台、Instagram (@drjosworkshop) Facebook 主页 (@drjosworkshop) 上与我们联系。希望很快能见到您!祝您平安喜乐!


A word from the founder of DrJosworkshop: 

Greetings everyone! I'm Joslyn from Singapore. I am a Dentist and an Aesthetic Clinic Group Operation Director in Singapore and Malaysia. I am also a mother to a wonderful 9 year old boy and wife to a very busy doctor. I transform into different roles as the day goes by. Life does get hectic and crazy but one thing never change and that is my passion in creating and designing. Crafting and making things has always been my little getaway mentally when life gets too stressed out to handle! It's a happy place that I go to to explore my creative sides and have fun. There are a lot of things I love in my life and I would like to share a little part of it with you! Creating art pieces has become a passion and there's just so much possibilities. I hope my work can reach some of your hearts to follow me and join me through my creative journey and eventually adopt one of them home! 


                                                           Live Life, Love Life!